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Here it is in all its glory.’s theme inspired by Microsoft’s Metro UI.

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Reading my previous post again helped me solidify what I really want to do from here on in. My goal now is to take my design skills to the next level but to also create a complete (as complete as I can make it that is) reference for myself. So over the next few weeks I will be consolidating everything …

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The title says it all, however, this is not a reboot of the design of this site, but a reboot of my skills as a web designer. You see, I’ve been designing sites for a very long time and I dabbled in all the newest trends as the technology of the interwebs evolved. My knowledge is incomplete, however. The missing …

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New Years is here and as everyone else, I’m making a list of things to do/change in my life. Let’s hope this year is more productive than the last.

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As promised the last time I discussed GTD, I’m going to describe my various inboxes that I’ve defined for my system and how I use them to boost my productivity. For the seven of you still with me, let me refresh your memories. My defined inboxes are: Things (iPhone application) Moleskine Microsoft Outlook inbox Balance (iPhone application) Google Chrome bookmarks …

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The graphics design blogoshpere has gotten stupid lately. There is this trend now (and people are actually making money from doing this) to link to other sites that offer design resources and tutorials. I’m sick of going to design blogs and seeing lists of posts with titles like, “10 Very Useful Photoshop Tutorials” or, “Amazing Digital Paintings to Inspire You” …

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Craig Buckler over at wrote an interesting article about how people that multitask are actually less productive than those that don’t. According to his article, a study conducted over at Stanford University showed that people that multitask have limited attention spans and are easily distracted. People that do not multitask, on the other hand, seemed to score better on …

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So David Allen has kinda sorta changed how people increase their productivity. His Getting Things Done method is said to have revolutionized the way people, well… get things done. Despite GTD’s raging success, it has been met with some critisism, however, the most prominent of which is that GTD is too inflexible and impracticle to be implemented easily. While I agree, …

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The following is a list of things that have been stolen from me since I opened pixelPLAY three years ago: A whole computer tower 6 x 2MB RAM chips More than 10 Logitech MX518 Gaming Mice (I recovered two of them) Playstation Portable Security camera (ironic isn’t it?) Epson high-def projector You’d think I’d learn.

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So… the three of you reading this must have noticed that I updated the design of my blog (finally!). Kinda simple but far from done. I’m not even going to try to support older browsers with this one. If it works, it works. If not, you’ll get a jumbled mess. You shouldn’t even be using any browser older than 6 …

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I was chatting with my friend the other day. The conversation started with “Whopper Virgins” (I know I’m late with this) and ended on a conversation about free will and if it actually exists. If you are religious, man is supposed to have been granted free will by God. But God is also omnipotent, so doesn’t that cancel out free …

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Well after playing with the iPhone for a month and discovering all the coolness that comes with it, I finally found a nifty little app so that I can post directly to WordPress from my phone. It’s really simple to setup and use and the landscape keyboard goes a long way to improve typing speed. Haven’t played around with all …

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I purchased a new motherboard to replace my previous one due to some weird USB issue. I suspect it was software related but I got so frustrated that I decided to just update my hardware. I decided to get the Asus P5Q3 (much to the disappointment of my friend) that supports DDR3 memory, built in WiFi, two lan adapters, and …

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Yes I know it’s almost the end of Feburary, and the typical excuse is work got the better of me, but to be honest… it did. I actually forgot that this blog existed; it’s been out of my mind for a long time. Three days ago I got fed up with everything. This has been the worst month for me …

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5, 4, 2, 1… Ο δήμαρχος της Αθήνας είναι βλάκας. Oh well. Χρόνια πολλά και καλό 2009!

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A fifteen year old boy, shot by a cop: Tragedy? Yes. Does that give people the right to destroy millions of euros worth of property and with that, the livelyhood of many families and individuals? No. I wonder if at any time while these so called “anarchists” were throwing rocks at all the storefronts did they realize that they were …

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The last 2 days have been crazy. Random restarts and crashes. Internet drop-outs. Electronic chaos… Having that happen to one computer is stressful enough, but what about when it happens to forty? Apart from the inconvenience of some gamers having to restart, some people lost a lot of important work. I just hate having to appologize to irrate customers for …

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I’ve been using a custom version of Kaf Oseo’s post-image plugin for a long time and I decided to release my version to the world to get feedback and see how I can improve on it. This will give me a chance to practice on my php coding and see exactly how difficult supporting a plugin can be (as if I …

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So yeah, I re-started my blog and as is the trend, I will begin to make changes live as they come to me. Expect this site to look bad, broken, and sometimes unreadable in the coming weeks.

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Yeah the title sucks, but how else could I have described logo evolution in one word? Anyway, I found a very interesting article over at Hot College Girls Guide to Graphic Design *ehrrm* about the evolution of 50 very popular company logos. My favorites? Apple’s first logo along with Volkswagen’s swastika-ish logo from before WWII… pretty cool piece of history.

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According to Adobe’s website, the new Creative Suite (CS4) Master Collection costs $2,499. Coverting to euros with today’s exchange rate that’s about 1,970€. With me so far? Good… Clicking the link to buy the software, I’m taken to Adobe’s Eastern European web store where the price of the same exact piece of software costs 3,386.79€. Why is adobe charging 1,500€ more in …

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First (again)

Here we go yet again. My 4th (or 5th?) attempt to start a permanent blog. Lets hope I don’t get lazy again like I did with all the others.

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When I first encountered CSS Frameworks, I was a little intrigued, but dismissed the whole notion because it looked overly complicated and the whole code structure was (at first) very difficult for me to grasp. Add that to the fact that the general concept of designing using a grid for some reason escaped me, and you can see why I …

Vertically Centered Text

So, as promised here is a quick web design tip that I discovered completely by accident the other day. As the title suggests, if you want to center a single line of text inside of a containing block that has a known height, all you have to do is set the line-height of the text to the height of the …

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Anatomy of a Mashup

This has to be HTML5 & CSS3 at it’s best. Brought to you by The Man in Blue himself.

Grid Theory

In a post over at Design Festival, Jason Beaird gives a crash course on Grid Theory as applied to the web. I particularly like this post because it’s concise and gets the point across. In a nutshell, grids make things beautiful… just ask Mother Nature.

SEO? Don’t need it!

The eloquent (and sorta quirky) John O’Nolan discusses why we don’t need SEO if we just design great sites. Couldn’t agree more.

Real-time search

Ever evolving, Google recently announced it’s real-time search capabilities. Now, during a search, Google includes live updates from sites such as Twitter and Facebook as well as various new sources seconds after they are posted.

Microsoft's answer to the iPad… Courier!

It was bound to happen. The folks over at Engadet obtained exclusive photos of Microsoft’s own tablet-style PC. Will it be the iPad killer that everyone thinks it will be? I say yes judging from the usage video that I saw… Looks like I’m going to hold off on getting an iPad. – ASCII-o-Matic

Go the way of 1995 and paint with type! Convert all your favorite pictures into their ASCII equivalents and become a true ASCII artist! Impress your friends…

A very usefull resource when you need that perfect color combo, but just can’t get it right. It’s got a large library of combinations plus a combo tester so you can make your own.

As the tagline says… “Design Elements, Trends and Problems in Web Design.” A great source of info and resources on the current tips, techniques and trends in Web Design. The best part of the site is the table of contents that allows you to quickly find what you are looking for.

This little javascript bookmarklet will overlay a grid on top of any webpage you choose. The grid is based on the now famous 960 grid framework. This script also has the option to display horizontal lines as well as the standard vertical gridlines, so you can design with vertical flow in mind. is run by a very good friend of mine. He’s got a small design firm in Thessaloniki that cranks out some amazing work. This site is his way of giving back to the design community and is a daily read for me.

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Conversation #2702

Us, still sleeping. Stavros walks in. Son: Μπαμπά, που είναι το κινητό σου; Me: Βρε Σταύρο, με το κινητό ξύπνησες στο νου σου σήμερα; Son: Όχι, μπαμπά. Με τον Timone ξύπνησα!  

Conversation #2704

Driving to Σέτα, we drive by a parked Fiat Punto. Wife: Σταύρο, τι αυτοκίνητο είναι αυτό; Son: Fiat είναι μαμά! Wife: Μπράβο Ντάντο! Fiat είναι! Punto! Son: Βρε μαμά, εκεί είναι!

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