The graphics design blogoshpere has gotten stupid lately. There is this trend now (and people are actually making money from doing this) to link to other sites that offer design resources and tutorials. I’m sick of going to design blogs and seeing lists of posts with titles like, “10 Very Useful Photoshop Tutorials” or, “Amazing Digital Paintings to Inspire You” or, “60+ Totally Free Rusted Metal Textures for Designers.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for pointing out great posts on other blogs, but it seems that there are only like three sites that actually create original content. The rest just point to those sites. There are very talented people contributing some great resources to the design community and do so for free. Is it really fair that these talented people do all the hard work while others just throw up a few links on their site and make money off of adverts?

Sure, give me a link to a great site or resource that you find, but don’t ONLY do that. That’s what search engines are for…


13/09/2009 @ 22:32 – Looks like I’m not the only one what feels this way. The CSS Guy over at Ask the CSS Guy wrote (a pretty funny) post about the same thing called, “59+ Amazing (and jaw-dropping) web design-related lists with titles that will rip your face off, blow your mama’s mind, and make you cry under the crushing pain of their inspiration.” Good stuff.

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