I purchased a new motherboard to replace my previous one due to some weird USB issue. I suspect it was software related but I got so frustrated that I decided to just update my hardware. I decided to get the Asus P5Q3 (much to the disappointment of my friend) that supports DDR3 memory, built in WiFi, two lan adapters, and a feces-load of other features.


First thing that caught my attention right out of the box is how racecar-like the motherboard looks. I mean, it’s a stationary piece of hardware with no moving parts, but it looked like it could do zero to two hundred in 2 seconds flat.

Second thing that impressed me is the Express Gate feature. From boot to web in 5 seconds (practically it’s a little longer but impressive none-the-less).

Third thing that caught my eye (and the reason for the title of this post) was what Asus calls a Qconnector. Very simple concept really. Its a seperate module that allows you to connect all front panel and chasis cables to it which then connects (very easily) to the motherboard.


It’s two-thousand-freakin-nine and they just thought to do this? One of the things I hated the most when building was connecting those microscopic little plugs. I can’t believe it took the industry this long to come up with a (simple) solution. How they haven’t standardized the plugs into one universal connector is beyond me. They (whoever ‘they’ may be) are so caught up on making us consumers buy new RAM and new CPUs every 6 months that they miss the simplest details.

Ho hum…
What can you do except bitch about it on your blog?

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