The last 2 days have been crazy. Random restarts and crashes. Internet drop-outs. Electronic chaos…

Having that happen to one computer is stressful enough, but what about when it happens to forty? Apart from the inconvenience of some gamers having to restart, some people lost a lot of important work.

I just hate having to appologize to irrate customers for something like this, but it happened… again… and again… and again… and again…

So after two days of crazy, I came upon the reason and the solution while desperately searching online. I stumbled upon this article in PC World and depending on who you ask, the culprit was either Conficker.a or Downadup.

So cute that they give them names like that. Fact of the matter is, those “cute” WORMs, screwed with my whole network and my reputation as a realiable Internet Cafe went to hell. It’s so hard to gain back an customer’s trust…

It’s one thing to have a problem and fix it, but it was driving me crazy not knowing the reason why the preverbial shit hit the fan.

Lesson learned, I guess. First thing to do when things go wacky? Update Windows! Now I know. And knowing is half the battle!

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