A fifteen year old boy, shot by a cop: Tragedy?


Does that give people the right to destroy millions of euros worth of property and with that, the livelyhood of many families and individuals?


I wonder if at any time while these so called “anarchists” were throwing rocks at all the storefronts did they realize that they were jepardizing the employement of so many hundreds of people.

After the damage done to Plaisio (Πλαίσιο) on Stournari, I doubt that it will ever open again. That’s about 100 jobs lost. These “anarchists” also destroyed another store down the block from Plaisio causing over 100,000 euros in damage. The owner is a family man with a wife and daughter. All the man could do is cry. His life was ruined. And he wasn’t the only one.

Many of the store owners on Patision (Πατισίων) took to the streets to confront these arnarchists and protect their properties and way of lives. The police were doing nothing (as usual) and the anarchists were getting more and more bold. Our livelyhoods were threatened. Our neighborhood was threatened. We had to take action.

A few of us decided to fight fire with fire. Rocks flew, curses yelled and, in the end, a handful of us managed to push back the gang of “anarchists” two city blocks and out of our neighborhood.

The “anarchists” gave way to our onslaught because they are in reality not a gang of individuals fighting for an ideal, but a bunch of pussies that where there only to have a good time and maybe get a laptop out of it.

Of course, everyone there will probably go back home and tell exhagerated stories (as I am doing) of how we saved our neighborhood and took back the streets. The police was doing nothing to help us, so we helped ourselves.

For me, it was the first time “power to the people” actually meant something.

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