According to Adobe’s website, the new Creative Suite (CS4) Master Collection costs $2,499. Coverting to euros with today’s exchange rate that’s about 1,970€. With me so far? Good…

Clicking the link to buy the software, I’m taken to Adobe’s Eastern European web store where the price of the same exact piece of software costs 3,386.79€.

Why is adobe charging 1,500€ more in Europe than it is in the States? After some research, I’m not alone in my concerns. There is a discussion on Adobe’s User to User Forums about this very same thing. What’s frustrating, however, is Adobe’s response to all this. I mean, I studied business, but even if I hadn’t, I still would be able to see through their bullshit.

People have gotten very upset, going so far as to start an online petition to solve the problem. The petition was started for Adobe’s Creative Suite 3 and judging by Adobe’s response many had hoped that by the time CS4 was released, european prices wouldn’t be so high.

No such luck… Adobe (as mentioned above) charges 1,500€ more for European markets. At,  Nigel Moore argues that Adobe’s price gouging is putting up barriers to entry, allowing US companies to be more competative in the international market, and he is right. I’m just surprised the EU hasn’t stepped in to do something about it.

And they wonder why people pirate software… sheesh!

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