The title says it all, however, this is not a reboot of the design of this site, but a reboot of my skills as a web designer. You see, I’ve been designing sites for a very long time and I dabbled in all the newest trends as the technology of the interwebs evolved. My knowledge is incomplete, however. The missing bits and pieces prevent me from completing the puzzle so I’m taking a step back.

My goal right now is the fill in the gaps in my knowledge of web design so that I can become better at what I ultimately want to do… create beautiful websites! Problem is, I don’t really know what those missing pieces are or where to find them so I’m going back to basics. This site (or part of it… I haven’t decided yet) will be dedicated to my (re)education in designing for the web and will serve as a future reference for me and hopefully some other poor schmo in my shoes.

Now the seven of you reading this might say, “There are plenty of online resources already… why reinvent the wheel?” Short answer? Because I have to if I’m going to learn anything. You see, information on the web is scattered. There is no one place to get all your info from. I’ve read hundreds of articles and posts on dozens of sites about everything from why it’s important to add the appropriate doctype to an html document to adding the latest CSS3 eyecandy to a block of text. Most of those articles were good. Some of them were great. But all of them help me to only see the trees.

I want to see the forest.

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