I was chatting with my friend the other day. The conversation started with “Whopper Virgins” (I know I’m late with this) and ended on a conversation about free will and if it actually exists.

If you are religious, man is supposed to have been granted free will by God. But God is also omnipotent, so doesn’t that cancel out free will? Complicated issue to say the least, but I’m not a religious scholar to be able to argue about the intricacies and interpretations of written scripture so I’m not even going to go there.

However, the scientist in me has thought about this issue for a long time now, and I’m come to one simple conclusion…


The three of you reading this will no doubt be thinking, “What the hell is he talking about?” Well, putting religion and the notion of a supreme omnipotent being to one side for the sake of argument, scientifically, it stands to reason that we as individuals would be free to choose our own destinies. However, this is scientifically impossible.

Modern science has been in search of an all encompassing universal equation that will describe the universe and all the mechanics that drive it, from a molecular standpoint all the way up to a planetary level. With this complex equation, one would be able to account for with exact certainty the various properties of every single particle of the universe. It will also be able to predict what those properties will be in a future date.

So how does the universal equation take away free will? Well if you can predict where every particle will be, it stands to reason that you can predict the conditions of the future. If you can predict the future, there is no free will. Of course, this is a gross oversimplification of an extremely complicated concept, but 1000 years ago, people knew that it was impossible to fly and today we have airplanes, helicopters, and other “magical” flying machines. Who knows what humanity may discover in the next 1000 years?

Imagine the universe is a huge billiards table. Before the Big Bang, every single particle in the universe was compressed into a tiny space with infinate mass. Then suddenly, like a cue ball striking a rack of billiard balls, an explosion occurs, hurtling the particles in every single direction. The laws of physics are specific and constant. Apply the same force to an object and you will get the same results. If you could break a pool rack in the exact same way everytime, the pool balls would end up in the exact same place after the break.

I imagine the same thing occurs on a much smaller scale with atoms and smaller particles. If you could recreate the exact same conditions that existed during the Big Bang, down to the very last particle, then you would be able to recreate the exact same universe. There would be a second Milky Way galaxy, with a second solar system exactly the same as ours, with an Earth that would have the same history as our Earth. Even you and I would be the same. I could be writing this blog post twice, here and  in this alternate universe.

The universal equation, if it is ever discovered by man, will allow us to backtrack the course of time and allow us to discover history exactly as it occurred. Also, it will allow us to peel away the veil of tomorrow and peak into the future. If (when?) man ever does discover this all-encompassing equation, wouldn’t we achieve godhood? Could it be that God gave us the ability to advance ourselves to the point where we as a race will one day be His equal?

Only time will tell…

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